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The description of Rope Pixel Master Apk

Rope Pixel Master – Rescue Hero Academy – this is a fun puzzle that at first glance may seem very simple. But in fact, it is much more complicated than it seems. Here, users will have to try on the role of someone who will constantly save superheroes who are in danger. Yes, everything will be exactly like this, not superheroes will save someone, but they will have to be saved.

The gameplay will be divided into a huge number of levels, of which there are more than two hundred. After launching each test, users will see the same picture, namely, a bunch of superheroes will be located on the upper platform, next to which there will be danger, for example, a burning house. Also, other blocks will be located below, along with a secure platform. The task of the players is to stretch a rope, along which all the characters will be able to descend to a safe place. But the main difficulty will be that there may be various dangers in the form of sharp knives or gears between the blocks. Try to hold the rope so that sharp objects do not touch any hero when they go down. If you did everything right, then it will be so, and if you make a mistake somewhere, then all or part of the heroes will die, and you will have to start the test again.