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Smart Tools

Smart Tools

2.0.12 for Android

Smart Tools information
Category Tools
Latest Version 2.0.12
Package Name kr.aboy.tools
Available on Google Play
Requirements Android 4.4+
App uploaded by Smart Tools co.
The description of Smart Tools Apk

Smart Tools — beautiful and multifunctional application. The developer has put in it a lot of really useful features that often have to be used in our lives. In one program, six unique tools that can completely replace alternative applications:

  • Ruler – consists of three elements: the ruler itself – it can be used to measure even the length of a small coin and other things; protractor – measurement of angles occurs as the imposition of any object on the screen of the phone, and pointing the smartphone camera at the object whose angle you want to measure; level – perfectly calibrated and determines the evenness of the surface to which the phone is attached.
  • Unit is an excellent Converter of various units of measurement from length to volume. Not enough, of course, currency Converter.
  • Distance is quite an interesting tool that allows you to use the phone’s camera to determine the distance to the object, its height, as well as the width and area.
  • Compass – includes an accurate compass as well as a metal detector to detect metal objects. The latter, however, works only if you bring your smartphone close to the metal.
  • Sound – this includes a sound meter that determines the volume level in Decibels and a vibrometer to determine the intensity of the earthquake on the modified Mercalli Scale.
  • Light – consists of a flashlight that shines brightly as the phone screen and led on the back.

The design of the program is really very original and beautiful. In the application there is no advertising, and a great optimization eliminates the slowdown and hang, which makes working with the project more enjoyable. There is high-quality localization.

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