Battlefield Interstellar

Battlefield Interstellar

BFI_1.0.8 for Android

Battlefield Interstellar information
Category Action
Latest Version
Available on Google Play
Requirements Android 4.4+
App uploaded by Codelabs Studio
The description of Battlefield Interstellar App

Battlefield Interstellar – a dynamic shooting range in the futuristic style of action that unfolds far into the future, to be exact in the year 3000. By this time, mankind has already mastered the vast expanses of space and settled most of the nearest planets, and it was possible to do this thanks to the scientific development of one of the corporations. This scientific breakthrough and technological progress allowed the corporation to gain unlimited power and create its own empire. Of course, this turn of events was far from being to everyone’s liking, and in many corners of the empire rebel organizations began to appear. The army of fanatics in their war of liberation was ready for everything, including the destruction of entire cities. You also have to assume the role of commander of a special unit called to fight terrorists. Get well prepared and armed with more than 70 missions scattered across the most remote corners of the galaxy.


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