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Banana Kong Blast 1.0.18 (MOD Unlimited Bananas)

Banana Kong Blast 1.0.18 (MOD Unlimited Bananas)

1.0.8 for Android

Banana Kong Blast 1.0.18 (MOD Unlimited Bananas) information
Category Action
Latest Version 1.0.14
Available on Google Play
Requirements Android 4.4+
App uploaded by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
The description of Banana Kong Blast 1.0.18 (MOD Unlimited Bananas) Apk
Enjoy the fun and relaxing game in Banana Kong Blast as you guide your interesting gorilla through his exciting journeys across the world. Blast your Kong from barrels to barrels and guide him in the right direction. Journey the world as you travel through multiple locations featuring unique maps and challenges.Discover the simple yet incredibly addictive gameplay in Banana Kong Blast, in which you’ll help our friendly Kong cruise through the forests, jungles, islands, freezing snow mountains, and many different terrains with styles.Find yourself involved in multiple events as you blast your Kong through the different locations. Make uses of your insane climbing and swinging skills to help your friends in need and collect multiple rewards along the way.Find out more about the game with our reviews.StoryIn the game, players join the journey of Kong, a daring gorilla with his awesome skills of swing and barrel traveling. And to satisfy his curiosity of the outside world, Kong has decided to set out on his own adventures into the wild world. Find yourself having access to the unique travel style using barrels that will shoot you out in certain directions. Guide your Kong to the next barrels as you go to unlock this unique and quick travel style.Discover the wild world in Banana Kong where you emerge yourself into the endless fun of climbing and flying through multiple obstacles, collecting coins and buffs along the way to get you closer to the finish line. Get involved in unique events in your adventures in which you must help your animal friends who’re in trouble. Defeat the evil bosses who’re looking to enslave them, earn your loots, and more.FeaturesHere you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:Simple and addictive gameplayTo start with, gamers in Banana Kong Blast will have access to the simple yet addictive gameplay that is featured in the game. Find yourself travel through multiple locations and maps using your unique blasting barrel. All you need to do is guide the barrel to the right direction then tap on your Kong to send him to the next barrel. Fly from barrel to barrel as you embark this awesome journey.Multiple maps with unique environmentsAnd as you travel the vast world in Banana Kong Blast, you’ll also find yourself introduced to the multiple maps that feature unique environments and obstacles. With multiple levels, each one being more difficult than the previous, it’ll be more exciting and dangerous as you travel to the extreme maps. Make sure you time your jumps properly so you won’t be sent off.Unique moves that you could try on your incredible KongAlong with the simple barrel blasts, gamers in Banana Kong Blast will also find themselves making uses of exotic ways of travels. From swinging the lianas across the jungle through riding the water slides while having fun. You’ll have access to multiple ways of travel in this side-scrolling platformer from FDG Entertainment.Discover the game through multiple levelsAnd as you embark on Kong’s exciting adventure, the game features 6 different level packs with 48 unique levels to enjoy. Discover the unique and exciting Kong gameplay as you swing and blast yourself through the exciting levels. And of course, earning incredible loots either. With escalating difficulties, you’ll find yourself in for some real challenges.Challenge the epic bosses as you progress in the gameWhile exploring the worlds of Banana Kong Blast, gamers will also find themselves getting involved in exciting events in the game. That being said, your animal friends are being kept captives by the Evil Doctor who wishes to enslave them. It’s your job to confront the special bosses in the game and rescue them.Collect awesome loots from the bonus levelsAlong with the main gameplay, gamers in Banana Kong will also find themselves having access to the awesome loots from the exciting bonus levels. Find yourself riding on the back of a wild boar and overcome endless obstacles. Discover the unique stories with your boar friend as you go.Feel free to customize your hut and Kong’s lookAnd while you’re out there completing the levels and challenges, it would be nice if you could have your Kong customized with unique clothes and accessories. That being said, you can choose costumes with unique themes to put on your Kong. Feel free to try between 38 different customizable items to make your Kong look as cool as possible.Compete with friends and online gamers in epic leaderboardsFor those who’re absolutely confident in their skills and abilities, Banana Kong Blast also features competitive and interesting leaderboards. Either challenge your friends for the first place or join millions of Android gamers in certain leaderboards. Complete the different levels with the best results possible to earn your position in this prestigious ranking.Free to playAnd despite all the exciting features that the game has to offer, gamers in Banana Kong Blast can still have the game downloaded and installed on their mobile devices without having to pay anything. Just locate the game on the Google Play Store and you can have it for completely free.Play the game with or without the InternetIn addition, gamers in Banana Kong Blast are also allowed to enjoy their favorite game without having to connect to the Internet. That being said, you can experience the completely portable gameplay whenever you want with or without the Internet connection. And don’t worry about your progress since your game will be automatically uploaded on your Google Play Service account once you’re back online.Have access to our interesting modHowever, since the game is still a freemium title, ads and in-app purchases are almost inevitable. That being said, some of you might find it extremely annoying. To help you with this, we’ve introduced the Banana Kong Blast Mode APK.Just download the file and have it installed on your mobile devices and you can start to enjoy the unlocked gameplay. Purchases multiple customizations as you visit the shop with our unlimited banana hack. And most importantly, enjoy the game without being bothered by ads.Visual and sound qualityGraphicsWith intuitive and dynamic graphics, gamers in Banana Kong Blast will find themselves completely hooked to the epic actions. Enjoy realistic physics as you shoot your Kong from barrel to barrel. Experience awesome visual effects as you fly to the sky, slide on the water, and moreSound/MusicGamers in Banana Kong Blast will find themselves enjoying the relaxing soundtracks which were created by the famous composer of Sonic Mania, Tee Lopes. On top of that, the on-themed sound effects will certainly keep you entertained.How To Install Banana Kong Blast APK with OBB data fileAPK install it on your device, DO NOT open app.Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.FDGEntertainment.BananaKongBlast.gp. Ensure that the OBB file (main.114.com.FDGEntertainment.BananaKongBlast.gp.obb) sits within the com.FDGEntertainment.BananaKongBlast.gp folder.Start the game again. Enjoy!Download Banana Kong Blast Mod latest 1.0.18 Android APKIf you’re a fan of the famous Jetpack Joyride and is interested in the similar titles, then you would certainly find the game interesting. Pick up an outfit for your Kong and have him ready for a new ride whenever you want.Download Now 4.5 / 5 ( 2 votes )